The Super-Healthy Leaf That Can Treat Varicose Veins, Joint Pain and Memory Loss

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Laurel leaf is something that probably every household has and it is mostly added as a spice or a condiment to many dishes in order to release flavor and scent.

However, this leaf has hidden medicinal properties that probably most people are unaware of but these benefits can make a huge health difference.

It can treat many health issues and you can also use it in the form of oil that you can make yourself.

Health Benefits from Laurel/Bay Leaf:

  • Cleanses the colon
  • Provides a calming effect on the body and nerves
  • Can boost brain works, focus and cognitive powers
  • Can treat and prevent varicose veins and joint pain
  • Stimulates sweating thus expels toxins faster
  • Strengthens the immunity

Laurel Oil Homemade Recipe


  • 30g bay/laurel leaf
  • 250ml of olive oil


Grind the bay leaves and put them in a suitable glass container preferably a jar that is sealable. After that add in the olive oil directly and close the jar very well. Leave time of 2 weeks for the ingredients to infuse and store them in a cold and dark space. During those 2 weeks shake the jar occasionally and when the time period is up you should strain the mixture with a gauze and leave the clear oil into another clean container suitable for oil, preferably glass. Store this bay leaf oil in a cold and dark space.

Health Benefits of Laurel Oil:

  • A massage with laurel oil will soothe any pain and joint pain
  • It can treat migraines and ear pain
  • It can reduce the body temperature in cases of severe colds or flu
  • Can prevent acne breakouts and treat acne and pimples
  • It is great for people suffering from renal or hepatitis issues
  • It aids in digestion and improves the work in the intestines
  • Can reduce severe headache just by ribbing this oil on the temples
  • Can treat many skin issues and disorders if applied as a moisturizer

Paths2Cure / source: HealthyCures

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