Make This Simple Tweak To Your Diet to Help You Lose Weight Faster Than Ever


Carrying extra weight is not just a physical problem; it often affects the mind and emotions of individuals dealing with the issue. Although exercise can help in weight loss, what really helps to melt fat and improve health is what you eat. Eating the right kinds of food will not only help you lose weight, they will also improve your health in a variety of ways.

However, one has to ask: what are the right foods to eat?  If you find yourself pondering this question, what follows below will answer this age old query.

Diet Vs Diet

Eating right can be a bit tricky. The fact of the matter is with so many diet options to choose from one person can easily become confused as to which weight lose diet will actually help one lose weight.

Since the dawn of fitness there has been one all-consuming question: what is the most effective diet for weight loss? Well, researchers from the taiwanese medical community may have found the answer.

By comparing 12 of the most popular diets,  Scientist were able to determine which of the most popular diets would provide the best results for weight loss. Some of the most notable diets examined in this study include: the Angus, vegetarian, paleo and vegan diet.

Although all diets were effective to some degree in respects to weight loss only one diet proved to help individuals participating in the study lose weight quickly. The study involved about 1,151 dieters who followed a specific eating regime lasting anywhere between nine and 74 weeks.


Although all diets proved to provide some health benefits, and ultimately help with weight loss. It would seem that diets devoid of meat were able to help dieters lose much larger amounts of weight.

Overall all dieters who were placed in the vegetarian group were able to lose up t0 4.4 pounds more weight than dieters who were placed on a diet containing meat or animal byproducts.

However, the vegetarian diet did not prove to be the absolute best diet for weight loss. It would seem that dieters placed on the vegan diet were able to lose even more weight than that of individuals placed on the vegetarian diet. Vegan dieters on average lose about 5 pounds more than dieters who consumed meat or animal byproducts.

However, it would seem that vegetarians who supplemented meat proteins with dairy products and eggs only lost around 3lb (1.4kg) more than those on a non-vegetarian diet.

Although many other diets claim to be the absolute best for weight loss, the information provided by this study proves that fruits and vegetables are key contributors to weight loss.

While this research has answered a long standing question, its answers might not be as surprising as some would have hoped for. Never the less, this research has proven that the best diet for weight loss on average is the vegan diet.

(source: DailyMail)

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