14 Golden Rules of Honey

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1. Honey is best consumed with warm tea or milk than eaten.

2. If you eat honey, keep it in the mouth for some time and don’t immediately swallow it.

3. If possible, consume individual kinds of honey, for certain diseases.

4. The daily dose of honey, during therapy for adults is 100 g, divided into three equal parts and 30-35 grams during the day and at night 25-30.

5. The dose for children during the treatment is 30 g per day divided into three equal parts. Therapy with honey lasts up to two months, after which you should make a break of 15 days. Then repeat the treatment.

6. The stomach and intestinal tract quickly and easily absorb the honey, so the honey is a catalyst (conductor) of various useful substances, especially vitamins and calcium, so it is best to consume it with the medications and supplements so it effectively introduces them into the body.

7. Honey should not be heated or placed in tea or milk warmer than 40 degrees C, because it destroys its properties and other useful substances.

8. Older honey crystallizes, which is evidence that it is natural.

9. It is believed that honey is best consumed daily in small portions to a solution of citric acid and water at room temperature as a beverage with meals instead of wine or water.

10. The general rules are: children are given three times daily a teaspoon of honey, and adults and patients to take one tablespoon three times a day.

11. Those that do not have enough acids in the body for digestion, should consume the honey before eating.

12. Those that have excess acids, those with ulcers and others should consume honey after meals.

13. Honey has no shelf life.

14. The healing properties may be lost if the honey stays open, gets in contact with water or if exposed to heat greater than 40 degrees C.

(source: HealthyFoodTeam)

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