This Syrup Will Melts Down Body Fats in a No Time

sirup for losing weight

Discard the extra amount of water in the body and relief yourself from the body fat with the help of this homemade syrup.

This syrup will help you lowering the volume of your waist and removing the extra water in the organism. Besides this, the beneficial components will increase your sight, hearing and memory. The syrup is especially affective if combined with cardio- exercises.

The main component of this elixir for losing weight is ren, healing ingredient rich with the vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B1 and B 6, iron, vitamin B2, magnesium and phosphor.

Ren clears the body, speeds up the metabolism, lowers the fatigue and stimulates the good bacteria in the intestines.

For this syrup for losing weight you need:

  • 125 g horseradish
  • 4 lemons
  • 3 spoons of honey
  • 2 spoons of cinnamon
  • 2 cm ginger root

Slice the horseradish and ginger in a blender. Then add the lemon juice and mix in the blender for 3 minutes. After this add the honey and the cinnamon, continue mixing until you have reached homogeneous mixture, which later you will transfer in a glassed jar.

Take one spoon of the mixture twice a day before a meal or before an exercise. Use the syrup 3 weeks, and then make a break of several days.

(source: WeaklyHealthyLife)

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